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Why rent with us?

Because we care about your experience

We want you to not miss anything during your stay, therefore, you just have to say it, for example if you want to rent a vehicle, if you want to do a certain excursion, if you want to rent a boat and do a day of sailing, if you need a private chef If you need an extra cleaning service, we put you in contact with different companies.

Easy to use

We work hard so that booking your next vacation can be done easily, safely and briefly. So that every time you need to consult any detail of your reservation you do not have any problem contacting us through the web.

For saving money when booking a vacation rental

Today vacation rentals are updated to the needs of the traveler, needs such as wifi, air conditioning, private pool, in short all the equipment that any other tourist establishment. You get more space, more comfort and save up to 40% compared to hotel stays.

For the security of the vacation rental

Individual tourism, families and groups of friends stay in our properties, respecting the legal capacity of the houses as much as possible. We strictly comply with the cleaning and disinfection tasks of the houses, according to the protocols established in compliance with RD / 742/2013 by which the technical sanitary criteria for swimming pools are established. Maintenance in sanitary water in compliance with R / D 865/2002 of July 4, which establishes the hygienic-sanitary criteria for the prevention and control of legionellosis.

For our professionalism

Pancho Rentals is a small company but it has excellent professionals in the world of tourism, in continuous training with new technologies, with new safety and hygiene protocols, with new customer requirements, in the way of communicating, tastes, hobbies etc. But one thing we have very much in mind is that the protagonist is always the client and above all we put the human factor first, we want them to know us as we are.

For our customer service

We are at your disposal to help you, to answer your questions, contact us without obligation:


Whatsapp: 0034661775020  Phone : 0034661775020